If you don’t believe in yoga after this… I can’t help you

Do you believe in yoga?

Play. Watch. Cry. Clap. What?!?! Buy a yoga mat.

What an amazing story. I want to know what made this dude think this would even work in the first place. He mentions trying to get other instructors to help him, but only one did. I’m the complete opposite. If something doesn’t show some signs of life and progress, or someone who’s an expert says it’s not possible, I just lose interest. But Arthur kept it up.

Maybe because he was sick and tired of his life. Possibly he hated what he saw in the mirror. There’s a chance he thought he saw condemnation and judgement in other people. Or maybe he just loved his family so much he wanted to be around, and get around, more.

Seeing him fall on his face made me laugh out loud, mostly because that’s what I feel all the time trying something new. Trying something hard.


I watched this a couple years ago and it completely changed my views on yoga.

Not that I’m any good or consistent at it. But I remember in 2016 (a transformative April in my life) how I started doing it every morning, just a ten-minute routine. The most random of big changes I felt was getting something under my desk. I got in a “catcher’s position” to reach under and grab a cable for my laptop that had gone fallen under. And I felt no pain, creaking in my knees, tightness in my hamstring, or anything. Super random, and not something I need every day, but 10-15% better.

my yoga position

And I wasn’t doing anything crazy like headstands or turning into a human octopus (is that a real pose? I dunno). Just 10 minute routine. I can only imagine if I had gone to the next level with it, increasing the difficulty and the time I spent. I can only image because…

Seriously… wtf?! How did this help make that huge of transformation for this guy? It made me believe in yoga. And humanity.

yoga journey

J.B. Waggoner

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