Giving Away Money Like Drake

You don’t have to be rich to give like Drake. Let me explain. On a recent episode of Netflix’s “Patriot Act”, Hassan Minhaj broke down the details of several billionaires’ philanthropic ventures. In a funny aside, he said “Billionaires… stop giving out money through grants. That …

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Replacing the Hollywood Dream

Why study generosity? Well it started after I broke up with my Hollywood Dream. My goal was to make feature films, the kind worth seeing in a packed, dark theater. No matter what other job I had, the yearning for that dream persisted. Whenever someone popped the question, “If you…

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Ramsey Christmas

Ramsey Christmas is legendary… especially the gifts. I remember, before I worked here, watching Dave on twitter a few years standing at the front of Costco or Target (or whatever store it was that year), welcoming hundreds of excited team members with a $1000 shopping spree. Then…

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Extravagant Waffles

To this day, I don’t know how I survived my first year living in California. It’s mathematically impossible. I can still picture my 24 year self, this Indiana kid arriving in Berkley that first day, getting out of the van and stepping onto the curb with nothing but 2 duffel bags,…

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#2 Camp Experience

Re/Dedicated Episode #2. The people who make a radical change in their lives usually have something in common… a camp experience.

#1 Why do we do the wrong things?

Why do we consistently do the wrong things? Or not do what the smart people do? Or what common wisdom would lead us to? Somethings happening in our brains. And I’m going to find out why.

Shooting Training Videos for your Company with an iPhone

I had a friend come up to me and ask for suggestions on how to get started making videos for his company. He was going to be making several training videos for his team, life-coaching style lessons that many people could watch versus conducting the same training hundreds of times…

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Podcasting for Beginners

Podcasting is two parts: Recording + Hosting & Delivery (more…)

HOMECOMING (Julia Roberts, Sam Esmail) Prime Video | The Backstory

Guys… they turned one of my favorite podcasts into a SHOW! HOMECOMING! I was ecstatic to see what they would do. Let me share the story of coming across the podcast and following it all the way to release. This is NOT a full review of Homecoming Season 1 on Amazon Prime. It’s jus…

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Beautiful Fall Outdoors in Nashville (So many Leaves!)

It’s November in Nashville, which means beautiful fall outdoors! Leaves are going crazy right now. Vibrant colors, hues of red, yellow, and orange (plus every color in between). It’s really beautiful Tennessee scenery. Everything shot on my iPhone! (more…)

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