Podcasting for Beginners

Podcasting is two parts: Recording + Hosting & Delivery (more…)

HOMECOMING (Julia Roberts, Sam Esmail) Prime Video | The Backstory

Guys… they turned one of my favorite podcasts into a SHOW! HOMECOMING! I was ecstatic to see what they would do. Let me share the story of coming across the podcast and following it all the way to release. This is NOT a full review of Homecoming Season 1 on Amazon Prime. It’s jus…

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Beautiful Fall Outdoors in Nashville (So many Leaves!)

It’s November in Nashville, which means beautiful fall outdoors! Leaves are going crazy right now. Vibrant colors, hues of red, yellow, and orange (plus every color in between). It’s really beautiful Tennessee scenery. Everything shot on my iPhone! (more…)

Best Show on Netflix | Haunting of Hill House

Lunch Hour this week is all about the hands down best show on Netflix right now… The Haunting of Hill House. It’s amazing. The best horror tv show that’s on right now in my opinion. If your looking for the best shows to watch on Netflix right now, go check this show out. (more&…

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Moving On after a Disappointing October

Happy Halloween! We had high hopes for October being a big month to make some big progress on on our debt free journey. We’ve got one last weekend to make some more money, but will it make a difference? On the last day of the month, we are going to evaluate how we made out and sa…

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Get Cash for Gift Cards

The newest Lunch Hour special, where I give you tips that we’ve found help us on our debt free journey. I’ve got a great way to get cash for gift cards. Plus a book recommendation and some inspiration. Hopefully what we are learning getting out of debt will help you too. (more&he…

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Never Sacrifice This To Get Out of Debt

We cut a lot of unnecessary items out of our budget on our debt free journey to get there faster. But some things are bigger than financial… it’s about the type of character and people we want to become. Don’t sacrifice this to get out of debt. (more…)

Lunch Hacks

This was shot and EDITED with my phone using Adobe’s Rush CC app. On our debt free journey, how we eat matters. How much it costs… which is ALOT. So on my lunch break, I share some lunch hacks I’ve found really helpful in keeping to our budget and saving more money. Every littl…

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Hit with Unexpected Bills. What now?

Just been one of those weeks of things going wrong. We are making progress on our way to being debt free, then we get hit with unexpected bills from the hospital. Or at least unexpectedly high. How do we deal with that kind of setback? Should we add it to the end of our debt snow…

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Launching a Live-Stream

I’m trying something… I edit all day for my job (and I love it). So spending even more hours editing can wear me down. I did that last fall and winter on outside projects, helping my friend David Leo Schultz (director of Ragamuffin and Brennan) found www.ragamuffintv.com, and i…

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