The Plan for How we are Getting Out of Debt

Disclosing the plan for how we are getting out of debt, as well as the plan we are using to do it. Charts and stickers OH MY!

This chart has been a pretty good reminder, and the emotion of actually drawing in part of the chart feels great, even small marks. Like a mini-muffin of goodness. I might looking into making this into something other people can use to help themselves on their own journey of getting out of debt too. We’ll see.

Here’s where the flow-chart lives normally.

debt flow chart

A thing I forgot to mention in the vlog is HOW LONG this thing took me to make. At least 2 hours. I’m sure I could have spent a quarter of that time just doing a google search to find a pre-made chart that would have worked. But now we have exactly what we wanted… other than the fact that I want to make adjustments all the time. AND… if we get a new debt from medical we can’t cover up front than we might have to start taping new pages to it.

If you haven’t read about our story and why we are doing this, go checkout last week’s vlog that has started this journey. I plan on releasing new videos every week to keep you up to date as well as keep us accountable to the journey we are on.

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getting out of debt flow chart

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