Launching a Live-Stream

I’m trying something…

I edit all day for my job (and I love it). So spending even more hours editing can wear me down. I did that last fall and winter on outside projects, helping my friend David Leo Schultz (director of Ragamuffin and Brennan) found, and it took everything I had to do so. And eventually I had to step down from it.

That was a big reason that I’ve been filming all of these vlogs so far only with my iPhone and some audio gear I already owned. Trying to keep it simple, run-and-gun. Maybe it might even inspire other people with a desire to start a youtube channel to grab their phone and go.

The past few weeks have been fun, stretching parts of my brain and creativity on telling stories we are living. And I’d like to do more, but I don’t want to burn out. Which leads me to livestreaming…

Starting Thursday, I’m going to be doing a simple live-stream, topical each week, with interaction from those of you that join me. This week I’m going to reveal my Top Ten Differences between LA and Nashville. We’re gonna have a lot of fun with it.

It will allow me to create more videos, but doing it live means I can prep for it, but once I hit END there’s no post work.

So subscribe to the youtube channel and join me at 8pm, October 11th.


J.B. Waggoner

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